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Blimey, found this in my list of drafts, guess I didn’t finish it because I started it between dishes during Xmas Day and family weren’t too impressed with me typing away on computer.

Anyways, just wanted to highlight that the guys behind the W3C validator (still) need support. Without the HTML validator (and the CSS validator etc) the landscape of what today is “semantic HTML” would have been infinitely different, and regardless of your thoughts on W3C being fast/slow moving or if you like/dislike how they decide things, the validator(s) have been there all along, for you, me and us all to use. They have created assurance where there wasn’t any, they have been a support when you needed them and they have been nagging you and forcing you to up your game when it comes to your code. If you work with front-end code in the slightest they have played a major part in how your work has been shaped.

Now, however, they do need your help. Running, hosting and updating the validators isn’t free. How this can be done has already been said perfectly by Molly so I shall quote her instead:

We’ve set up a donation system to allow for a number of different donations concepts: Donor, Sponsored, Community Fundraising, and in the spirit of open source and standards, plenty of opportunity to give of your time and knowledge to assist with the work.
It works like this:
* Donor: A donor is anyone interested in donating money to the cause. A micropayment of 1.00 USD if the validator “saves your day” can be very helpful!
* Sponsor: A sponsor is a company or organization that donates to the W3C
* Community Fundraising: There are two badges available at the W3C that link to the fundraising page. If you support the validator, encourage others by placing a badge on your site and blogging about the topic
* Time Not Money: If you cannot or do not wish to donate money, your time is as or even more valuable. There are opportunities to help the W3C maintain and grow validation services. – http://www.molly.com/2008/12/11/w3c-validators-in-jeopardy/

There you have it. You might notice I have my little badge in the footer, not to say that this site validates (as that would be a lie, but hey, you are here, you are reading the site, and I am aware of that it doesn’t validate) but instead to make it easier for you to donate what you can for a worthy cause, or for you to get a badge of your own.

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