SEO/Accessibility misunderstandings

When creating a web site or other online content it is really important to ensure you haven’t broken SEO. Taking it even further, it is today (in the UK) a legal requirement to make that content Accessible to people (and devices), to ensure it is possible for your users to get to that content. This is also often where the misunderstandings begin.

Very often SEO/Accessibility specialists are being asked to “weave their magic” and to “do their thing” too early on in the project, already when there is no actual real ready-to-go-live content. It is too often being asked when the site consist of pretty pixels filled with “Lorem Ipsum…”. There is no text to extract keywords or to make cunning headlines from. Even worse, the request itself shows a deep lack of understanding to the task itself, and usually confirms that a checkbox on a project plan needs to be ticked so “why not do that now even though we are behind on the other things”.

So, lets clear this up a bit whilst keeping the nitty-gritty details out of it.

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