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For the Xmas/NYE holiday season last year, which ran into this year, we upheld an old tradition on this web site address: completely change how, what and where the web sites are running. This year we moved from Rackspace to Digital Ocean and we swapped out Wordpress Multisite for Grav CMS instead.

The reasons were a few, but I would just like to make it absolutely clear that I have nothing against Rackspace nor Wordpress, and they have served me really well over the years, and will continue doing so for various other solutions I work with.

If I had followed proper and old tradition I should actually have swapped for Kirby CMS instead, as that is what I normally do, but this year I was looking for something new, that still played on my old requirements list, which basically means "find a great new static file CMS". I know Kirby (and I love it too) but when I found Grav I figured it was time to try something new.

Also, one of the things I was longing for after having taken quite a deep dive into Wordpress yet again, trawling through all kinds of plug-ins and add-ons of varying quality, I really wanted to manage my posts with Markdown instead of bungled up editors spitting out horrid HTML in a mess that is a pain to debug etc.

What the Grav Admin plug-in can look like

Grav has an admin plugin, which in theory is a GUI for add/edit/delete posts, but I have noticed just like most other CMS's, not everything is up to scratch, and some themes, like this one, doesn't play nicely with the admin plugin at all. In fact, it completely crashes this, whereas it works perfectly fine on a couple of other sites on this server.

Visit Ayepad, my artist site

For example the site for Ayepad uses the Grav Admin plug-in nicely. I actually don't mind that this theme on this site doesn't support the admin plug-in as it forces me to write in the way I intended anyways: adding content with Clean Writer Pro and just dropping images in to a folder.

There are a couple of benefits with the Admin though, one of them being that I can add functionality to re-scale images on upload etc, for all the various responsive resolutions, which I can't do on this site then, and have to sort out and optimize my images myself.

Another of the sites I moved that also uses the Admin plug-in is the Mother Misery site. Check them out, buy their album etc. :)

Visit my mates in Mother Misery

One of the more challenging things when moving a web site to a new URL, server or hosting, is to ensure that all old URL's remain intact, but I must say Grav was quite easy to sort out in this regard. Also, getting all the URL's on https (as opposed to only http) worked surprisingly well, so all old links should still work and come through on this new server.

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