Dropbox - How to enable two factor authentication

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Quite a few people use Dropbox, which is an excellent service. Therefore I figured I should do a similar write-up like I did regarding Facebook, with images and instructions on how you should enable Two Factor Authenticationon Dropbox, or actually, Two-Step Verification as they call it. However, I found they, unlike many others, actually have done a great job on their instructions and information themselves. It would be silly if I just re-hashed it here.

In their own article you can find instructions with screenshots of each step and what to do with each of them. Just log in to Dropbox and follow this link and you should be taken to the instructions nicely, which looks like the screenshots below.

Dropbox Two Factor Authentication information

Just read away and follow the instructions. They cover the various alternatives nicely. I use Google Authenticator, phone back-up, and printed codes.

Dropbox Two Step Verification

For the purpose of this article I actually tried to add my Yubikey, but it turns out mine is too old to use the newer protocol called U2F so that was that. That doesn’t concern me much as my security key, which is mandatory for me to use when I use LastPass, which is the only place where my Dropbox password lives and is remembered in any case, I feel I’m covered.

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