Ah right, I had forgotten I was trying to build a thing on my site that publishes tweets and messages to Twitter/Mastodon automagically, but never got it to work properly and I forgot about it. Time to have a look again I think.

Techies and developers should probably let "users" UX test their documentation. The web is full of half-baked instructions. :/

It looks like my CMS is adding classes to the links that ensure them being ignored by automation services.

Time to make another test to see both if automation of social publishing works, and also if so, what the actual post looks like.

Right, some things are changing in the admin, and I've yet to break stuff badly.

...and here's a test of a reply (to myself). Will it work?

Now I shall be posting this on my web site only and see if it gets autoposted to Twitter and/or Mastodon.

Came across some new services today that I need to try out. Let's see where this ends up. Will this be automatically posted from my site?

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