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Looking at alternatives for feedreaders I came across Feedbin. This is my view on it and their service.

Time to move on from Feedly and I need to find another good RSS Feed reader.

Suggest what topics I should prioritize blogging about next.

You might have seen me on Facebook/Twitter saying something along the lines of that you/we/all should stop using "Big Tech" social media services, and look at start using alternative services.

To install A you need B which depends on C which can only be installed by D which...

For all aspiring conspiracy theorists out there it can be hard to remember what you should and shouldn't be doing. Here is a handy list with tips and tricks.

QAnon follower in red shirt

I came across an interesting article about gamification of the real world, in particular on the topic of QAnon, which I realised I knew nothing about. Here are some links that I found.

Sometimes the only sharp photo of a given event isn't overly interesting, but you still would like to keep it as a memory. Using some of the oldest tricks in the book, crop and blurring background, can quickly improve results.

This is the first post in the new section on Photography on this web site.

Right, so this will be long, and it will all be about photography/photo-editing software. If that is not your thing, feel free to skip. :)

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