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Sane shit, different mane

This is just a quick test of adding an article to the blog to see if it is autoshared to other services.

This is the executive summary of the post where I am testing RSS to Friendica.

Looking at alternatives for feedreaders I came across Feedbin. This is my view on it and their service.

Time to move on from Feedly and I need to find another good RSS Feed reader.

You might have seen me on Facebook/Twitter saying something along the lines of that you/we/all should stop using "Big Tech" social media services, and look at start using alternative services.

To install A you need B which depends on C which can only be installed by D which...

QAnon follower in red shirt

I came across an interesting article about gamification of the real world, in particular on the topic of QAnon, which I realised I knew nothing about. Here are some links that I found.

Right, so this will be long, and it will all be about photography/photo-editing software. If that is not your thing, feel free to skip. :)

Keeping productivity up can be a challenge, especially when working from home. It has made me do a re-jig of the tools and routines I use. I am now back at using Evernote for my "input", to help me sort out the rest of my day. This is how I have it set up.

Did you hear "Bill Gates will make billions of $USD on a vaccine as he owns the patents for such a vaccine"? Or perhaps did you hear "viruses spread via 5G towers"? Or what about "the vaccine will contain digital trackers to control us all"?

Yeah, I saw them too. What I haven't seen was any actual evidence to support a single one of those claims though...

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