Pesky Anti-ad-blockers

February 2nd at 10:55am

I found this as a Facebook post under "today a previous year" or whatever it is called. As my opinion on this hasn't changed, and it still is a problem, I figured I should publish the text here instead of having it locked in on Facebook. Here it goes:

Things that rub me the wrong way wh...

New Year New System

For the Xmas/NYE holiday season last year, which ran into this year, we upheld an old tradition on this web site address: completely change how, what and where the web sites are running. This year we moved from Rackspace to Digital Ocean and we swapped out Wordpress Multisite for G...

Wannacrypt ransomware info links

May 15th at 12:00pm

There are a lot of information pages out there regarding the Wannacrypt Malware/Ransomware going around right now, so I’m creating this page just to save off some links for future reference for myself (so I can close a bunch of browser tabs), but if you find something new on here: good.


iCloud - How to enable Two Factor verification

May 12th at 2:55pm

So, iCloud and Apple and my friend being socially hacked out of his Apple account was actually what prompted me to write this series of posts regarding enabling Two Factor Authentication wherever you can, whenever you can.

Just like the Dropbox instructions though, Apple has done a pretty good job...

Gmail - How to enable two factor authentication

May 9th at 11:55am

Ah, Google. The giant, slowly but quite surely taking over our lives. I don’t know how many of you that use Gmail, Googles e-mail service, but I do (in addition to domain specific non-Google-services that I host myself). Google also has Two Factor Authentication possibilities, and I would sugges...