Wikitribune - Fighting Fake News

April 27th at 5:55pm

One of the things I care a lot about when it comes to online information is the news. Freedom of speech is a great thing, however it does put some responsibility back at the readers, who then also need to get skills in validating sources. Just because it says so on some obscure site on the Internet...

Using Yubikey

April 25th at 2:55pm

Following the article on LastPass password manager I mentioned I am using Two Factor Authentication in a couple of ways. One of those ways is via a physical device called Yubikey, which I have on my physical key chain at all times.

Yubikey is a hardware USB “dongle” that I plug in to my co...

Use a password manager

April 21st at 9:21pm

Recently a friend of mine had his iCloud account hacked. If you are unsure of what the implications of that could be I urge you to go and have a read of this article, written by Mat Honan. It should scare you into realising having your account(s) hacked is a bad thing, and that using a password...