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Well timed for my latest series of privacy related things I received an e-mail the other day, from Google. They wanted to let me know that they know exactly where I am and where I have been, regardless of if I'm using their Chrome browser or not. Apparently I have settings and apps in my iPhone (which obviously is made by Apple, not Google) that automatically report this stuff back to Google.

I've been keeping myself rather busy over the last week's evenings with various things as I am wrapping my head around exactly how deeply entrenched I have been, and in some cases still am, into some services that devour my personal details. It is eye opening to say the least. Eye watering in some cases.

If you are browsing the Internet, as you currently are (unless you consume this content via RSS), you will be using a web browser, either in your mobile device or in your laptop/desktop. Most often that web browser has come with the operating system.

After all of this, what should one do? Well, I can't answer for what you can or should do, as it all depends on what you use today and what you do within those apps/services.

I shall be starting with defining what I would need fixed, as it always is easier to measure if I am reaching my goal if I actually have a goal.

In my previous post I highlighted how Facebook eerily seems to target advertising based on what you post, comment and like (do the "thumbs up", or "heart" etc). I also described an experience that made me feel like Facebook was listening through not only mine, but also a friends iPhone.

In a previous set of articles I wrote about how you can increase the security within your most used apps such as Facebook, Google, iCloud etc, to avoid getting hacked or having your account taken over by someone who shouldn't be posting as you, or have access to your personal details.

Firstly: Climate Change isn't, or at least shouldn't be, a political issue. It should be about facts when it comes to confirming it is happening, or not. The path of actions one might take to combat Climate Change might well be political, as I'm guessing most political parties would like to put their stamp on the solution.

In my day job I often have to solve things, most often by listening to two separate parties who are at different ends of a conflict and then I/we decide on a path to take us forward. This means I have experience in figuring out why this side claims this, that and the other, but also why the other side claim things from their perspective.

I was going to post a link on various social media services, to an article I just read on BBC about the horrific development regarding climate change, but realised I probably shouldn't.

This is more of a follow-up post to the post where I outlined some alternatives to the big social media services, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. As I obviously had to refresh my view on them, and have been testing them more now, these are some of my initial thoughts.

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