Using Google Authenticator

April 28th at 9:55pm

In my first article regarding increasing online security for normal people, I covered LastPass. Then in my second article I covered how to use a hardware dongle for Two Factor Authentication (2FA). I also use Google Authenticator for 2FA, which is an app that generates time sensitive security co...

Using Yubikey

April 25th at 2:55pm

Following the article on LastPass password manager I mentioned I am using Two Factor Authentication in a couple of ways. One of those ways is via a physical device called Yubikey, which I have on my physical key chain at all times.

Yubikey is a hardware USB “dongle” that I plug in to my comput...

Use a password manager

April 21st at 9:21pm

Recently a friend of mine had his iCloud account hacked. If you are unsure of what the implications of that could be I urge you to go and have a read of this article, written by Mat Honan. It should scare you into realising having your account(s) hacked is a bad thing, and that using a password...