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Sane shit, different mane

I have previously said you probably want to, or at least should want to, move away from Google Chrome as your web browser. I also listed some alternatives, but reading back I noticed I wasn't more specific in how you can, and probably should, set those alternatives up. Let's start with Firefox.

So the time has come to cut the Facebook dependency. Cutting the cord if you like. Basically I will limit my Facebook activity quite a lot more than I already have. I will not "quit" Facebook though. This is how it will work.

Your house. Your family and kids. Your health status & insurances. Your job & income. Your car. Your friends. I'm guessing all of those things are, to a varying degree, important to most of us. We care about them, and that they are safe and well. We usually do not share too many details about them with complete strangers. Except when you use web sites online...

The latest improvement for your online privacy from Facebook is to enable you to turn off Facebooks automated facial recognition. You should. This is how you do it.

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